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Liquor sales and distribution are pretty tightly regulated in Canada. Technically, it isn't even supposed to cross provincial borders except to & from licensed resellers. I doubt you will find a legitimate shipper of Canadian liquor for private sale to the US.

Recently a bill went before senate to allow wine to be shipped to individuals across provincial borders. I don't recall hearing if the bill passed yet. I recall it looked promissing. Unfortunately, the back bencher who submitted the bill only worded it for wine. I guess that is all he drinks?

After looking into this a bit more, the only way to get Whisky into the US is to buy it in Canada and bring it home. Either that or have someone do it for me... It is due to Canadian regulations, not the US this time. Canada is missing the mark on that rule.

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IMO, whiskey is only good for marinating steaks.

Thanks for sharing, very inciteful.