It will be at least 30-60days to install.
All the cartons seemed good.

Pulled out a QS8. Opted for paintable finish and a Warm Tan grill. It was pretty spot on to what I thought. The grill is only slightly different from wall color, so no need to paint.

Pulled out the I/O 150 center (body and grill in egshell shite). Yeppers, its height matches the white mantel it will be set within.

All looks good for WAF on this.

Now, does anyone know how to remove a medium wall mirror that is glued to the wall with no ability to get to the edges of it?

I have read on it, its says tape, break easily, and remove pieces. Think I might hire someone for that.
Pio 94,SB3,BD30,A35,Pio 48AV.Pronto 7000 controlling all. Getting ready for 22s, 150 & QS8s.