2x Final Sound S95

The only signal setting is the Level control, it's set to 1/3 on both. No cross-over, no phase (I really like this, as those controls are in most modern receivers, and there's no reason to duplicate them in the sub with analog controls.)

The only input is RCA. The RCA output is buffered, and not just an internal Y, so there's no level loss when daisy chaining (but at the same time, downstream devices, like my Buttkicker, don't get a signal when the sub is off).

Pioneer VSX-1018AH receiver.

Axiom M22 mains.

The crossover is set to 80 Hz. The trim level for the mains is -0.5 dB and sub is +2.0 dB. These were auto configured.

The subs have a signal detect trigger, I am using it.
Pioneer PDP-5020FD, Marantz SR6011
Axiom M5HP, VP160HP, QS8
Sony PS4, surround backs