greetings to the axiomoes
Im TO excited about news i have. i was lookig at book store call books million an what i see? vynils ha! yOu CAN GO onLINE AN GARGLE IT. JuST TYPO IN VYNILS.. SEE? new vinils like at brest buy have. i seE at gas station sign for buy used vynils to. i want to remine the audiopiles that vynil is back to stay na axiomoes need to recheck out the Anal-log sound for true world. vynils make good gifts for tin ear digatail cd ers an i pod ers.IF YOU NEED TERNTABLE I THIN djs have left over ones butt may NNeed newneedel becaused of skratchin see? i have ben to busy for the axiomoe broads,, butt wad to rewind the broads about the vynils AND don forgOt the Pro wires for the new spekers to !REFLECT! and keep Up the cause!!
#1 Audiopile. music make everything. copy kill music. REFLECT!