You're going to find my reporting skills lacking, as usual.

It sounds amazing. But I can't tell you that I notice it sounding more amazing than before. I listened to a bit of 2-channel music first. Lykke Li sounds phenomenal. But yeah, I just wouldn't be able to quantify any differences, and you wouldn't be able to trust them if I tried. I'd definitely be interested in direct comparisons of different versions of the code if I make it to Axiom sometime.

Like I mentioned in the LED thread, the LED on the front of the DSP isn't lighting up. The DSP itself functions fine, so I won't worry about the LED. I'll have Axiom fix it the next time there's a code update.

The VP180 did arrive, so I hooked that up as well. There certainly feels like there's more presence in the center, and it seems less distinctly like its own channel, but rather part of a seamless wall. My friend was over, and she chose The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo to watch (before we went to see Skyfall at the theater, so apparently she likes Daniel Craig), and let me just say again, I'm really loving how my whole system sounds working together. Blu-ray + my sound system are making me smile a lot. Thanks, Axiom!

I'm still looking forward to a lot more experimenting with placement after I move my system to the basement. I'm sure I can get even more out of what I've cobbled together.