I'll try to post a photo in a few days. I don't think I'll call Axiom though. It was my mistake and really don't expect them to do anything about it, especially such a big order. Plus I'd probably have to pay a fortune to ship them back.

I plugged everthing up last night and matched my sub levels both from the exact same spot, then ran Audyssey with only one sub plugged in. It was set to +2.5. I then did the same thing with the other sub which Audyssey also had it to +2.5. So put the subs in their respective locations, ran Audyssey with both plugged in, and it set them to -.5. I upped the level by 2db then turned off Audyssey and watched a few movies with good bass.

All I can say is "HOLY SHITAKE"! Wow, the bass felt really really good! smile Way better than my M80's and HSU sub by far!
I also listend to some music and I can definitely hear the difference from my old setup. Definitelly the best decision I could have made!