Yeah, timing is everything. I think the market passed that feature set already. I won't take the time to list all the functionality it lacks compared to my current or future needs, but hey, at least it has S-Video outputs. crazy

I'm sure there will be people who are pleased and who think it sounds fantastic. Good for them.

I think the market should (and will) gravitate towards FEWER things in one box. Or at least moving some of the features we currently see bundled into other places. I mean, why have the tuner in the processor? Didn't we know 40 years ago that having a separate chassis for that function was better and more flexible in almost every way? Who even uses a radio tuner nowadays? And why all the video processing when people who will care deeply about that (Mike...) already have access to cost-effective outboard units that are probably even better?

I don't know. I think "vision" would gravitate more towards network integration, multiple zones, multiple outputs, control via existing, ubiquitous hand-held platforms, etc.

Beyond alleged improvements in fidelity, why would anyone buy this thing? I'm not trying to be argumentative; I really want to know.
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