Sold the living room furniture and bought a Lazy Boy Lancer love seat with center console to be delivered Tuesday.

With the living room empty, I decided to mess around with audyssey on my Dedon 3312. I used the 6 position with my computer chair in middle of room as seating position. With audyssey on, I have excellent high end, but the low end suffers. With audyssey off, I have good low end, but the high end suffers. Tried different crossover points, but not getting any improvements that way.

Audyssey set all the speakers to around -7. I changed SW to -4 and that helped a little. I never had this problem with Pioneers MCACC, it always had a good well balanced sound. I see where Audyssey has a manual equalizer option, but all I've been able to find is a way to turn it in or off. Maybe that function is available via computer only, I don't know.

I'm regretting that I bought a Denon.