What Axiom subwoofer(s) do you own?

I am going to include my two systems and another two systems I have set up for my brothers recently.

EP800 and 2 F113 Fathoms


2 Velodyne DD-18s

Where do you have the Level, Frequency, Phase, and Subsonic Filter (if applicable) controls set?

9:00 on EP800, 11:00 on F113s, 8:00 on EP600 11:00 on Velodyne DD-18s

Phase set to zero and subsonic filter off on Axiom subs. All controls adjusted in receiver/preamp when possible. Except for Fathom parametric control at 25 hz and phase at 45 degrees. And Velodyne DD-18 which have extensive onboard parametric and phase control (SMS onboard).

How are you connecting your signal source to the subwoofer (RCA/XLR/High Level)?

RCA to EP 800, Velodyne DD-18, EP600
XLR to FL113s

What receiver/processor/pre-amp/integrated amplifier are you using?

Pioneer VSX42 with EP800/m22s
Integra 9,8 with Fathoms/M80s
Onkyo TX-nr717 with Velodyne DD-18/M80s
Onkyo TX-sr876 with EP600/Totem Arros

What are you using for your main speakers?

see above

Where do you have the crossover frequency and trim levels set in your processor/receiver for your main speakers and your Axiom subwoofer?

50hz and -2 with M80s/F113s
80hz and -5 with M22s/Ep800
100HZ and -5 with Totem Arros/EP600
50HZ and -5 with M80s/Velodyne DD18s

Are you using the trigger on your subwoofers? Yes

Very happy with all systems.

Something to consider would be some kind of parametric equalization adjustment or slope adjustment in the 25hz zone such as can be found on the Fathom F113. This feature is very useful in many rooms for additional control of boundary reinforcement in the lower octaves.

If some parametric equalization is not possible, then perhaps consider reinstating the room trim adjustments found on the Axiom V2 subs. They were useful and better than no room adjustment at all. One last thought is that high level inputs are somewhat antiquated especially in modern HT systems so I question whether they should be continued.