I come in to work today and I have 3 missed calls. Strange because I come in early and usually work late. (Names have been changed to protect the innocent... and guilty.)

I listen to the first one and it is my boss' boss' boss (Mike) who never calls me. He told me that my boss (Karen) who lives and works in California is "no longer with the company." and to forward anything that I need to her boss (Jeff). Message 2 and 3 were also from Mike, but just him basically telling me that he is forward my email requests that I sent Karen off to Jeff and to call Jeff for more information.

So I call Jeff, whom I almost never talk to as he lives and works in Georgia and I've never met face to face before... He is out on vacation all week and I only have his desk number.

I decide to text my wife the odd news and of course she panics and says "Is your job ok??"

Crap. Hadn't thought about that. Maybe they are phasing some people out.

So I call Mike, who lives in Indiana and I have interacted with ONLY via email maybe twice in the past 3+ years of working here, and ask him the question. "Am I OK?" And I get the disclaimer first, instead of just an answer. "I can't get into any of the details around Karen's situation...." It seems like YEARS as he says that simple sentance. Time seems to be slowing down.

"But no, no, no... You are fine."
"This is an isolated incident and not related to you, your contract, or any corporate initiative."

I can breathe again.

Now I get to go back to figuring out why my medical insurance is going up 49.03% starting January 1st and what I need to do about it.
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