Thanks all for the welcome and feedback.

While I'm not an experienced audiophile, I do think I have fairly discerning hearing. So, I still think I'm leaning towards separates. One of the reasons I chose to go with Axiom over other speaker manufacturers was because of Axiom's commitment to accurate, transparent reproduction of the source material. Not everyone agrees of course, but the consensus seems to be that separates are usually better at this kind of reproduction than receivers. (I'm sure there are exceptions, though probably at higher price points.)

Also, something that attracted me to Emotiva equipment is the company itself. Before I even heard of Emotiva, I was thinking it would be nice to find a receiver manufacturer that shared Axiom's focus on building reasonably priced gear with amazing tonal accuracy. Emotiva seems to be very similar to Axiom in this regard. I would like to continue to support these smaller, quality/customer focused companies whenever possible.

Per dakkon's suggestion, I sent an email off to Brent to see what he says about the comparison between the ADA-1000 and XPA-200. I should hear back soon.