What Axiom subwoofer(s) do you own? EP500 v2

Where do you have the Level, Frequency, Phase, and Subsonic Filter (if applicable) controls set? 6:00, 80 Hz, 0*, Flat

How are you connecting your signal source to the subwoofer (RCA/XLR/High Level)? XLR

What receiver/processor/pre-amp/integrated amplifier are you using? Emotiva DMC-1/MPS-1

What are you using for your main speakers? Axiom M80 v2

Where do you have the crossover frequency and trim levels set in your processor/receiver for your main speakers and your Axiom subwoofer? 80 Hz, Large/Sub ON

Are you using the trigger on your subwoofer? Yes - w/ no issues.

What improvements would you like to see? I think the most common complaint I've read over the years about Axiom subs is price v. performance relative to other internet direct companies, so, in other words: reduced pricing.