I'm considering using M2 or M3 as a center, and either the onwall or the inwall/onwall.

So, based on fit, cost, compatibility, and whatnot, I'm considering a single of one of the following for a center:

1. M2 onwall
3. M2 onwall/inwall
4. M3 onwall
2. M3 onwall/inwall (this probably doesn't fit)

I have M60ti's as mains. Currently, VP100v2 as a center. It sounds fine, but...

I've never been delighted with the presence and clarity of the center channel. Now, part of this is my fault, because I am inflexible relative to speaker positioning. The VP100 (and any successor in this system in this house) has to be positioned in/on a low-wide equipment rack on which the TV sits.

This is an old, bad picture of the furniture from a previous house and a components from a couple generations ago. It's what I had handy, and I figured you would find it amusing.

So, the center channel has to pretty much go in - or on the front of - that top-center cubbyhole. Form factor (fit) is more important than fidelity. This is our living room, we have kids and dogs and stuff.

I think I can get a Good-Enough installation and improve the fidelity because:

* Vertical Center channels FTW
* in-front-of the cabinet is better than in the cabinet
* Frequency Response of any of the four options (60-80Hz) is lower than the sealed VP100 (95Hz)
* V3

The idea is to "hang" the new center speaker on a hinge (pivot) from the front top edge of that rectangular opening. I would either attach directly to the speaker or make a small piece of finished oak as a fake "wall". I would then have a small foot or spacer on the back/bottom of the speaker to angle it slightly upwards toward the listening position. The bottom of the speaker will extend into - and perhaps beyond - the fixed shelf in the middle.

Of course, I thought about doing this with a standard bookshelf, but it's just too big and cumbersome. Sticks out too far. Non-starter.

That's not a big space. A VP180 in-cabinet doesn't come close to fitting. I don't have the exact measurements handy (I think it's about 19"w x 8.5"h). I don't think I can fit the vertical inwall part of the iw/ow M3 in there (so that's probably not really an option, but I haven't definitively ruled it out, yet).

So, I guess I'm looking for input on:

* Does anyone have direct experience on tonal match between those speakers and the M60?
* Does anyone have direct experience between the inwall/onwall and onwall versions of the M2 or M3?
* Does anyone have an opinion on whether the 60-80Hz response difference between the M2 onwall and M3 inwall/onwall is meaningful enough in my situation to warrant consideration or consternation?
* Is this madness?
* You know, riff on this. It's cyber Monday. You're not working anyway.

Thanks, friends.
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