I finally finished Borderlands 2 Sunday after marathon playing over the weekend. I could have finished much sooner but I was trying to gain more experience and cash which sort of turned out to be a waste of time.

My character was level 35 for the final boss fight and despite internet posts saying how unbeatable it was things really went pretty easy. I did die twice because I got stupid and backed off the walkway I was standing on falling into a lava pit, and then died again because I just tried to run back to the same covered position I was using without timing it for when the “big bad” pauses to do a bit of naval gazing.

I was playing a siren so the skills only came into play for the first half of the boss fight but have proved invaluable for starting out again on True Vaulthunter Mode” which I wish I would have started a week ago. by the end of the first play through almost nothing was giving any meaningful experience. I’d say that level 30-31 is probably the highest I would take a character again as leveling past there is just too time consuming. I finished almost all the side quests except for the ones my character sucks at like the “slaughter” fights where you’re stuck in a room with a bunch of bad guys. My siren need some space to fight well. I also skipped the timed quests where you have to deliver crap all over the map simply because doing them is annoying.

When I play through again with a new character I would also likely skip some other side quest toward the end just because the extra experience isn’t worth it and if you’ve never played before then on the second play through you will have a few quests that are new to you. However, it’s taken me so long to play the first time I don’t remember much about the early quests.

Now the best part, True Vaulthunter Mode. When you replay you go through the same missions but since you already have a handle on the controls and how to play your character it goes really fast. But the best part is you start earning real experience again. I leveled up to 37 (boss fight got me to 36 barely) in the first few missions and am almost to level 38 by the time I got to sanctuary. The other nice thing is that equipment drops are now leveling up again. They seem to be capped at about 31 for the first play through, and it’s a good thing they are going up again because the generic bad guys are like previous Bad A$$es and now you start running into Super Bad A$$es. Thank heavens for Phase Lock until the new higher level weapons have been coming on line.

The new weapons I’m finding are light years ahead of the old ones. The SMG I use has gone from about 250 damage + 200 fire damage/sec to over 1000 damage and 500 fire damage/sec and I still have to shoot the crap out of things to kill them without a Phase Lock.

After finishing this game and starting over I have to say that this is now one of my most favorite games. Considering I’m only on the second part of my first characters play through and there are presently 4 other character each needing different tactics I can see huge replay value here, almost endless if they keep adding DLC.

Not to knock Dishonoured, which is a fine game, IMO it doesn’t even come close to the fun of playing Borderlands 2 so if you have to choose . . .
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