Given the above layout, the QS8's I'll be installing, will actually be in the Front L/R Wide position (only higher than shown in picture, but about even with the upper L/R/C in my dual main speaker setup). The Denon 3312ci has amplified speaker out for Wides.

I'm just wondering, and don't expect anyone here to know the answer, without a lot of research, but what happens when I have the following speakers setup, and only these?

Left Wide - Left Main - Center - Right Main - Right Wide.

No surrounds, only wides, and the wide speakers are not connected to the surround channels, but to the wide channels.

I'm assuming that 1) the wides are some form of electronic derivation between Mains and Surrounds and not provided as separate sound tracks, and 2) I'll still be without most, or all of the surround sound track, like I currently am now with the 3.1 setup (I know this because of the Yellow Submarine movie when some of the voices are silent during a song. Sent to the surrounds), or 3) on the outside, I'll get nothing at all from the wide speakers without having the surrounds in the mix.

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