I've owned numerous Sony products from 8-Track, Reel to Reel, Cassette to CDPs, VCRs, Receivers, stunning World Band Radios & Cameras since the 1970s. Over those many years, I've had mostly good luck with the serviceablity & longevity of their gear.

I presently still use a 5-Disc CD Player & a 5-Disc DVD Player that are both over 10 years old & performing flawlessly My 50" XBR RP LCD from 2003 is still going strong (on its second bulb) - I still like their higher end TVs. I also have their low end 2 CH Stereo Receiver for audio only & added a PS3 last XMas plus a new BD Player this Xmas so that I can play SACDs on my HT Surround system.

While Sony is not the 'quality' company of the 70's & 80's they are still a major force in innovation & engineering. Like most electronics manufacturers today, most consumer gear is cheap & not made to last very long. Jeez, I remember paying $1600 for the first slimline Sony BetaMax in the early 1980s - & it lasted forever. Beta was at that time superior to VHS in every way (it was the professional video camera format then) except taping time that caused it to lose the format war.

They have done some stupid things though, like making their memory chips for their cameras that were expensive & not compatible to the rest of the industry.