I finally got around to watching the final two Harry Potter movies and thought the movies were awfully dark. This is based on viewing from my Epson 8350 front PJ. I have dynamic iris off and after just now calibrating it with DV Essentials, believe contrast and brightness are about as good as this projector is capable of.

So I watched portions of Deathly Hallows Part II on my 1 year old 50" Panasonic Vierra plasma tv and the darker areas showed a lot more detail.

So I have to ask myself are front PJ's ever going to get a contrast black level anywhere near a plasma tv? I know DLP projectors have better contrast and black levels but I can't remember how my old X-1 fared in this regard and have not seen any of the newer DLP units to compare to.

I am very certain my Epson 8350 is setup properly or very near to it and for movies not as dark I really enjoy it. Of course maybe I just need to spend $4,000 on a projector as opposed to the $1,200 this one cost.

As plasma tv's get bigger and bigger is anyone here considering abandoning the projector?