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Adrian, if that's all you're trying to say, there's nothing to discuss: nobody has made such a statement.

I must've misread then, for which I apologize. Honestly.

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You're in luck. There was an excellent response from Andrew Welker on this very topic.


Great find; thanks for posting the link. Although it's not so much for my benefit; I just thought someone with more experience in the field and with a better command of the English language than me can explain things better. Andrew is spot on.

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That's why companies have marketing departments, to convince you of things that just aren't so. SUVs and safety in slippery conditions are a prime example of this.

I'm sorry, but this comment is not warranted; I just post in this thread a test I did that has nothing to do with any marketing department. If you buy based on marketing don't assume everyone is doing the same.

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FWIW we do have commodity amps. They're called pro amps and the most recent generation of class D amps deliver a lot of bang for the buck.

Again, in this thread, I've posted a question: why aren't everyone buying the Behringer amp that for a paltry $380 delivers no less than 1,400W into two channels and 4,000W bridged? Why would Axiom produce the ADA line of amps for a few times the price of the Behringer?
And most important... why are people buying them? You cannot honestly believe that everyone not buying a pro amp is an idiot, do you?
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