Why would Axiom produce the ADA line of amps for a few times the price of the Behringer?

Not being an insider I cannot answer that. I would presume that Andrew's answer is at least part of the reason.

I know that several pro amps have been bench tested and shown to deliver. Danley Labs bench tested one of the recent Peavey class D amps and it performed flawlessly.

There are some legitimate reasons for not buying a pro amp. They are not exactly pretty and tend to have rather noisy fans that need to be swapped out.

I do wonder why nobody is producing a prettied up version for the consumer market.

I just post in this thread a test I did that has nothing to do with any marketing department.

Fair enough. The only controlled test on the subject that has ever been done contradicts your findings. There are also a number of people that have attempted something resembling double blind listening tests that contradict your findings. What should I make of that?

You cannot honestly believe that everyone not buying a pro amp is an idiot, do you?

Absolutely not. I do believe that lots of people have been convinced of something that is not there in an expensive amp. That is a very different thing than thinking somebody is an idiot.

I guess I will continue to believe that all competently designed amps sound the same and you will continue to believe that there is a real difference. As long as we are both happy...

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