I have always looked to Canada as the sensible, yet still cool neighbor to the north. Sensible politics, logical health care system, good music, fantastic speakers. Kinda like a cool, older brother who just says his O's funny.

But then I found out something that has left me crestfallen, broken-down and disheartened:
And yes, it deserves all caps. Of all the things sensible
Canadians do well, they are taken like rubes at a carney by renting a product that is easily cheaper to buy than rent.

One service, Direct Energy, charges over $15 a month for a water heater. Direct Energy has over 1.4 million customers in Ontario. So that's $180 a year for a product that lasts 10-15 years and is virtually maintenance free.

We just paid $750 for a top of the line 50 gallon water heater (heater and labor installation costs included). Barring any substantial mishap (our last heater lasted 12 years), we are paying $5.20 per month or approx $62.50 per year to own our water heater, or at a Direct energy customers rate of pay, we will have paid off the water heater in a little over 4 years.

Canadians are raked over the coals leasing water heaters. It's horribly irresponsible. Canadians, I thought I knew you. Please tell me you don't fall for those Nigerian $$$ scams too. Please tell me you are the cool brother I thought you were.

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