I am looking to upgrade my speakers. I currently have a pair of Def tech BP6's, with an onkyo 606 receiver. 90 watts per 2 channels.

I just purchased and am awaiting arrival of an Onkyo tx-nr809 135watts. There might be bigger and better, but this fits the budget. This leaves me at the moment with abetween $1500 and 2k, to spend on speakers.

This is primarily for home theater, but to enjoy music also.

I really want the Epic 80 800, but just a little out of my reach. Should I get the M80's and of course audition, and if the work piece the rest together as I can or do I go another route?

My room is almost 23'x13'x12' with vaulted ceiling. With an additional 23'x4'x8' behind seating.

What to do?
Hope to gain a wealth of knowledge and maybe use it.