I own a Pioneer Kuro Plasma, so when I get a projector I think that I will need to go with either a JVC or Sony to get the good shadow detail and black levels that I am used to. Between the two I would probably go with a JVC though, since it would be nice to get that performance and never have to worry about catching any pumping of the iris (even if it very seldom).

I just went the movie theater a few weeks ago and I noticed some cross-hatched pattern in the bright area of scenes that had some both bright and dark areas of the image. For example, when there are mountains and a bright sky directly above it, I would see the cross-hatch pattern in the bright sky area. A few minutes later I realized that it was the weave of the acoustically transparent screen. The problem is once you notice it you cannot forget it and it distracts you from the movie.

This is why I want to avoid a dynamic iris if at all possible. Also, I don't want to have to worry about rainbows on a DLP. I was thinking that I would possibly get an acoustically transparent screen, when I get a projector, but I definitely will not now. Visual distractions on the screen are much more distracting that the compromise of going with a horizontal center channel speaker.

We are living in great times though. For around $3000 (maybe $3500?) you can get an entry level JVC or Sony with amazing performance. I just wish that projector manufacturers would start working on implementing LED lamps in the projectors rather than 3D and now 4k.