A couple of weeks ago I received the Cameron Carpenter's Telarc CD plus DVD from the US Amazon for about $11 - a steal. The CD is 'Cameron Live the CD' & the DVD 'Cameron Live the DVD'. It's a little confusing as they are not the same concerts - the DVD is not a video of the CD performances - so you get double the music.

I'm more familiar with the music on the CD so was a bit more preferable to me. Again Telarc got it right with absolutely flawless recording that sounded superb on my audio system; however, I believe that the 'Revolutionary' SACD might be a somewhat more dynamic on the lower end.

The DVD is visually excellent (rivaling BD with upscaling - much better than the SD 'Revolutionary' DVD) & the 5.1 sound through my HT system is excellent. Cameron provides a spoken tutorial before every selection (sometimes with his cat on his lap) that gives some insight to what musically is about to happen. He seems like a very personable fellow.

Very nice package that is more than reasonably priced - highly recommended for those who appreciate the power of the organ...