Hi All !

It’s been a while since my last project. I just bought a house that has a perfect room for HT (currently a workshop).
It’s not “huge” but still a decent 17x14.

Any of you know of good sites for things like HT seating, projector screens and things like that?
Seating needs is for 3 people, one of which is a kid that might sit on mommy’s lap!
I was also considering some sort of “bar stool” type of chairs in the back for company (so they don’t get too comfortable).

Any other hints you might have like “fixed screen is a must” or “no difference between roll-up and fixed” or soundproofing tips.

Who’s the leader in projector: Panasonic, Optima… ?

Thanks in advance!
The wait commence (still 3 months before I move in).
E = MC2 = ((2M80 + VP180 + 4QS8)/(EP800 + EP500))^(ADA1500 x D2v)