I am using the Audyssey curve instead of flat now for that reason. There is a manual choice for Audyssey, but don't know how to access any manual EQ adjustments. I went back to pointing the upper speakers more straight ahead than I had them to minimize the tweeters a bit. This is how the picture shows them.

Putting the speakers on the floor pointing upward would probably be too tempting for the cat to use them as something to scratch on. Other than that, it might work. I'm thinking a single QS8 might work in that rear position then.

Just watched the train wreck in Super 8. The surrounds added a lot to that. Surrounds at front wide position adds more dimensionality than just the mains, especially with mains as close together as mine. Will try these for a week, then switch to wides to see which has the best overall effects.

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