A Christmas Album with a difference by my blues buddy David Gogo out of Nanaimo, BC. I'm looking forward to seeing him at his electric blues show in Sidney, BC on 28 Feb. Sample the album down the page:


Not only a good Christmas album, there is lots of excellent electric blues in there as well.

Merry Christmas to all forum members here & especially to the wonderful staff of Axiom. The factory tour that we did last summer at Dwight, ON was one of the highlights of our year. Debbie, Amie, & Ian took extra time to give us a super tour that included entering their large Anecohic Chamber - the silence was deafening. It is an unusual experience for anyone who has never experienced this.

Anyway, thanks to all the members here who make my retirement days more enjoyable & enlightening in the pastime that we all love. All the best to everyone in the New Year...