I'm resurrecting this thread from almost two years ago.

I finally took the plunge. I've been toying with the idea of home stereo and theatre for about seven years and I keep coming back to this site. A couple weeks ago I saw that Newegg had the Onkyo TX-NR-818 on sale for $679 (down from $1199) and didn't think twice. I have it up and running with my Samsung 46" LCD, Sony BluRay player, and some oooold Infiniti Entra Point-Five speakers http://www.crutchfield.com/S-maAsg5cbPWz/p_108ENTRA51/Infinity-Entra-Point-Five.html.

Not five minutes ago I placed an order for two Axiom M60 V3s in the real wood Cherry/Chestnut finish, 25' of speaker wire and some dual banana plugs. I can't tell if I'm elated or full of buyer's remorse, but I do know that I'm giddy and can't wait for these to come in. Thanks to everyone in this forums who answered my questions over the years. I'll let you know how everything sounds when I get it installed. I'll almost certainly be back for technical help in getting it all set up and tuned.

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