Santa brought me a Sony BDP-S590. Yesterday I finally installed it along side my PS3 into my HT (replacing my venerable Sony 5-Disc DVD Player). The HDMI handshaking with my Denon AVR was flawless. After minimal frustration of getting it to talk to the net & to coax it to give me audio output in SACD mode, it was ready for some testing.

First up was a concert BD - 'Sade - Bring Me Home Live 2011'. It was rendered beautifully with great HD video & superb surround audio. Sade continues to put on a wonderful show. This concert includes some of her newer material with a good dose of her original works that I tend to prefer. She still exudes class & grace that is sadly missing from much of show business today - really refreshing to experience. It's too bad that some of the loud, obnoxious fans in the LA audience wouldn't follow her example - this was a continual distraction. Furthermore, her classic beauty has not waned as she doesn't seem to have aged a bit since her debut albums & videos several decades ago. Her band continues to be as outstanding & tight as ever.

Next was a SACD which is the first time that I experienced one in surround. I chose a live concert - 'WDR Big Band Koln - Blues & Beyond'. Wonderful blues & swing with a big band sound - awesome actually.

Lastly a movie - 'Star Wars VI - Return of the Jedi'. Like the previous two of this set, beautifully remastered.

The S590 did not disappoint in the least. Quite easy to set up & great performance for a reasonable price...