Speaking of war, I just completed listening to Benjamin Britten's pacifistic statement, his War Requiem. This was a BBC production included in the latest issue of BBC Music magazine. In general these recordings are relatively mediocre, however I have some absolutely outstanding recordings from this source as well.

The piece effectively demonstrates the desolation of war and the sheer terror of it all. I recall performing this piece some years ago. Now that I've heard it again after a very long absence, I've concluded it was more fun to play the Requiem than to listen to it. Maybe part of the problem here is that the poems used and sung was not provided for the listener to follow, hence the significance of the music's expression, which is tied intimately to the poems was lost to me. In any case if you are in a depressed mood and you wish to indulge yourself deeper have a listen to this major 20th Century work commemorating the Nazi bombing of Coventry, U.K. by 450 planes one night in November,1940. Both Britten's version on Decca and Richard Hickox on Chandos have received high praise from, what some would say, esteemed reviewers.

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