I just finished re-watching the extended editions of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, the first two yesterday and the last one today. Overall The Fellowship of the Ring stands way above the other two especially for re-watching. However, as the movies progressed they just get more and more boring. It feels like when Peter Jackson re-wrote the original two scripts into three movies he mostly just divided up the last one into two movies because when it comes to substance I get the impression that there is about one movie's worth between the two.

I donít recall being this disappointed on the first watch though either of the theatrical versions or the extended editions probably because I wanted to see how the story was treated and also the eye candy. However, the second time through the extended editions and many of the scenes just drag on and on. Most of the things I loved about Fellowship of the Ring the character development and interaction along with the general sense of discovery and wonder seem mostly missing from the two sequels.

Another problem I noticed with the two sequels is the jumping around between the different story arcs. I felt the same problem with most of the remake of Battlestar Galactica. And for me it has something to do with the presentation since not all movies that jump around bother me. Some examples of movies that handle it well for me are The Hunt for Red October and The Longest Day, both movies I have watched dozens of times and will often watch again.

If I was to rate these movies on how much they grabbed my attention Fellowship is a home run, Two Towers a single and Return of the King a base on balls.

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