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Im looking at getting a 2 or 3 channel poweramp. I am very interested in Axioms ada amps but I can't find much info/reviews on them. I am also looking at emotiva amps just because they are in my budget and bryston amps on the used market. I am leaning more towards a used bryston 4b. I have a pair of m80's and plan on purchasing axioms large center channel and will probably get bowers and wilkens small satelites for the rear and mid room speakers. I have a pioneer vsx 9040thx (80w per channel) and plan on using it to power the rest of the speakers. I am looking for loud clean neutral sound. Im trying to stay around 400-1500 range but I can spend more if I am getting a better product. I had also considered buying 2 used bryston 2b amps and bridging them.

I have an Axiom ADA1500 and think it is awesome. However this would be a bit over your budget. I have not seen any reviews though you may be able to listen to one in a current owner's system.

I think Emotiva makes a very good amp for the money too. Which model are you considering?