Audyssey applies a lot of extra volume to the 2k when I check it on the Manual setting after the flat curve copy. This is true for L/C/R. I'm wondering if the v3 speakers have a cross-over somewhere around 2k, probably a bit higher, and Audyssey is boosting that spot to make up for a dip? But with negative results in my particular setup. Not a sign of a particular defective cross-over because it affects all speakers evenly.

If so, then this again is where Pioneer's MCACC would win over Audyssey. Because their manual adjustments doesn't shut everything else off.

I think maybe my next check ought to be running a frequency sweep using my RatShack meter on a tripod. Twice. Once with Audyssey on and once with it off. Writing down the readings for each freq checked. (Need to keep cat busy else where. She's in pain during the higher notes. Glad I don't have a dog.)

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