Doesn't take long for those home renovations to add up. I'm doing mine a little at a time. Last year I had a basement wall braced (from the outside) and the living room and HT revamped.

This year, I plan on paying someone to tear out all the concrete in the front of the house (stoop, and walkway to garage) and replace it with concrete from house to 1 foot past existing sidewalk for a 2 tiered walk and pattio (meaning there are a few steps down to the lower level). Plus finishing up a bedroom I tore up to re-make it into an office space. Plus payback a loan on my 401k for the living room furniture and rug, in 1 year instead of the 2 I took out.

And try and replace the carpet in the hallway and steps leading down to the living room. Color ideas? Red to match the walls, or curtains, or area rug?

Next year, taking out the downstairs door by concreting up the wall. Then start on the 2 rooms in the downstairs that got destroyed by water from a storm. Water leaked under the door I want to take out. I'm not doing any renovation there until that door is gone.