Thanks for all the input. I am looking at the Emotiva xpa2 or xpa3, I have read the xpa2 sounds slightly better. The bryston 4b and the axiom amps. I am very tempted to get the axiom ada 1250 and get the 5 or seven channel model but im woried about using smaller speakers in the rest of my system and having trouble adjusting the speakers so they come close to clipping at the same volume. I have 2 blown speakers because my fronts were power amped and the rest of the 7.0 system was clipping before the fronts. I really like the older poweramps that had an output control knob for each channel, that way you can adjust it manualy. I almost had my wife convinced that we needed another pair of m80's for the rears but I just don't have hardly any room. Im looking at small bookshelf speakers for he rears and the B&W m-1's for the midrooms.