Not that I want to hijack this thread but since coffee was mentioned, I recently became very interested in brewing a good cup. We are in the middle of kitchen renos (wife's idea, not mine, ha!) so I used it as an excuse to buy good new coffee gear.

This is what I got:

I thought that cigar, wine & audio snobs were over the top; however, I found a review of my favourite Nespresso Pixie coffee capsule. I'm almost embarrassed to drink it after reading this:

Ristretto Espresso Capsule (Black):

Sweet-toned, lush aroma, with clear chocolate notes and hints of leather, fruit and flowers. In the small cup heavy body with a creamy though slightly rough mouthfeel, and deep, leather and fir-toned, cocoaish chocolate smoothing and sweetening in a long, rich finish. Good presence and body in two parts milk, but remains rather stolid, not quite fully opening and blooming.

This is about coffee?? I would never have thought, ha!

I make a capucchino every evening as a desert coffee after supper with this wonderful little Pixie machine (made in Switzerland for a change!). It is so quick & easy & turns out like this: