To me, setting up 2 subs is easier than 1 due to the fact that both help to fill in if there is a hole or null in the seating position. That's why I went that way.

For my twin Velos, it was a no-brainer. Put them in their place, run Audyssey (or whatever) till it is happy & enjoy.

During my first Audyssey setup, with my Velo volumes set to 4 of 10, it was way out of whack at those levels - too high. After repeated runs, I ended up at 2.5 to get them down to the proper level range.

Although some people may have valid room problems that require more drastic intervention, most of what I see is that many tend to over complicate matters & end up chasing their tails.

I appreciate your desire for huge bass; however, I find that much of it in movies is excessive, unrealistic for what is on the screen & quite frankly annoying to times. One example is the slowly approaching steam locomotive scene near the end of '3:10 to Yuma'. I'm a bit of train nut & like to be around them at every opportunity; however, I've never experienced anything like that in real life. Way over the top, but entertaining I guess.

Just 1 man's view...