This thread reminded me of the esoteric wiring I received.I was given a 3 metre set of expensive rca phono cables. They came with some literature that outlined the break in and went on and on about how they would sound good initially then after X hours they would sound worse and then better and so on until after 300 hrs or some such horse hockey.<< how the hell would I remember what the hell things sounded like from the time of purchase and the 300 hr mark , seriously. I've used some pretty crappy wire over the years and even when I replaced the small so called inferior wire (which was often 2 or 3 pieces twisted together) I heard no difference. Seriously at what point in the chain does the wire become insignificant. If I put high grade wire from receiver to speakers but don't upgrade the wire inside the speaker then how have I made an improvement. These guys are just selling snake oil, and preying on the gullible imho. You could probably blind fold me and change my speakers and I would be hard pressed to tell smile
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