Alright, I know this thread must be getting exhausting for some. And what's worse, this purchase might not happen as soon as I hope if I don't get this pay out. I think my chances are good though.

I just like to be educated on everything I can be.

A couple of final questions regarding customization of axiom products.

1. Vinyl finish decent? I'm interested in the Vermont Maple

2. Audio Jewelry(this term is new to me...i don't get it?). I've done tons of biwiring in previous setups and always thought it was an advantage. With further reading, it seems Axiom believes it makes no difference, but offer the option for customer satisfaction mainly. Should I get the option or no? Die Cast woofer baskets or standard? What's the difference if any?

Again, I just want to give a big shout out to all the people participating in my "torture myself" thread. lol And I truly am torturing myself when I can't even place an order yet. My eyes are going buggy from spending so much time on the computer reading and scouring forums and articles.
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