I have been streaming FLAC through my 3808 since I purchased it. I initially used a Linksys NAS that worked great for a few years then the controller died on it. I was able to pull all the files off the hard drives at which time I had set up a DNS 323 as my server. I hacked it as per the many sites and ran Twonky server on it, as it turns out this was what the Linksys had used as its server program. I have just recently set up an old PC with WHS 2011 and am presently looking for an add-in to use to stream my FLAC files from it. Although I am not really needing it as my iTunes library is offered up to play with no problems, but the audio snob in me keeps me looking for a nice add-in, JRiver looks to be a good candidate so far although I haven't looked to see if it will run on WHS.