Picked up the CDs and listened to the Skrowaczewski 10th straight through first and then began switching quickly between it, Karajan and Shipway at various points. On sound, I'd rank them Shipway, Skrowaczewski, Karajan, although as I said, the Karajan sound is quite satisfactory in surround.

As to interpretations, I thought that Skrowaczewski was a bit less violent in "Stalin", where I liked Shipway best. Attempting to pick movements I liked best, I favored Karajan in 1 and 4 and Shipway in 2 and 3. Although Skrowaczewski wasn't my favorite for any particular movement, it certainly is a fine performance that leaves a good impression overall.

Shipway and Karajan are in my first grouping and I'd add Skrowaczewski to Jarvi and Petrenko as runners-up.

Enjoy the music, not the equipment.