Here we go again..... OK, according to OSHA, at 85 db, hearing loss will occur if exposed for 16 hours or more, at 90 it's 8 hours, 100 it's 2 hours and at 110 it's .5 hours. Instant peak db's of 140 will result in immediate hearing loss.

Read this:

Listening to music at 110 db's for any length of time is not a good idea.

I am currently running a set of M80's off a Denon 3808. I'm using them in my great room as surround speakers or four channel stereo. The front speakers are Opus 2.2's, being driven off a 200 wpc Rotel amp with the 3808 being used as a pre amp. The M80's do not have any trouble keeping up with the 2.2's. I've experimented a bit, driving the M80's with the Rotel and then the 3808. I can't tell a bit of difference.