I go through a love/hate relationship with about everything I have. Which means I have to tinker with the sound coming out of my Axioms until I've finally decided that I love the sound coming out of them. smile

I've never compared the Axioms to any other speaker. This would be what I'd consider my 2nd set of decent speakers. My first being the (don't laugh) Bose 901s back in the 70's.

This is also my second set of Axioms. My first was just a mish-mash of different stuff until I made up my mind on how I wanted to do it. I have a rather small area to place speakers, so I ended up with 3 M22's across the top of a 65 inch TV, and under the TV M22 - VP160 - M22, with 3 QS8 surrounds and an EP350. Sounds good once I get it adjusted right. This set-up sounds better for movies than it does for music, although music still sounds decent. The hardest thing to get to sound good is Adele's high pitched voice. I've never heard her on a different setup so it would be interesting to experience that.