Well I ended up buying some of these from Curt Palm. http://www.curtpalme.com/RFGlasses.shtm

They are apparently the exact same glasses as the Optima BG-ZF2100GLS, but cheaper. They come with a RF emitter in the 'starter kit', and a charging cable. They are compatible with the MV glasses, as they are made by Bit Caldren. The IR input cable is for Optima and will not work with my Sony projector. I had to find a MV IR sensor to use. The MV IR sensor is just a widget that is placed near the projector's IR emitter. It then syncs to the projector IR output and sends that to the little RF emitter. Works pretty slick.

Tried them last night watching Ice Age, Continental Drift. They worked flawlessly. I gotta admit, the 3D image is pretty amazing. Better than I've ever seen before, including Disney World attractions.