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Keep in mind that YPAO, Audyssey and other similar auto-setup programs can be very error-prone with phase calculations, especially with bipole, dipole or multi-directional surrounds like Axiom's QS8s and QS4s.

My best advice is to carefully wire your mains and surrounds noting the polarity of each cable and connection and not rely on the auto-setup schemes when it comes to phase determination.


Thanks. I can't explain it, somethings wrong somewhere.
The wirings pretty straight forward. While its certainly not the first time I've swapped cables and or speakers it is the first time I've used the preouts on this reciever and or a seperate amp (other than for a passive sub).
Its internal and it'll bug me for a while.
I've moved my QS4's to the front presence locations in prepperation for QS8's in May. The towers I placed as my surrounds have been there before and are pleasing, I found myself being especially fond of the sound coming off the sides of them last time they were in this position. A little more placment tweaking and a wire swap and I'll try Avatar for the first time at home.
Getting closer to an hour a day in my HT.
My precious...