Dolby ATMOS Q&A: 'Life of Pi' and the Evolution of Sound (High-Def Digest)

I didn't get to hear it in Atmos, but I was still impressed with the sound. I can't wait to hear and feel it at home. Anyway, it's an interesting read and watch.

I've also been trying yet another Korean TV show. Flower Boy Ramen Shop. Spoiled rich boys pursuing physically violent commoner girls seems to be a big thing in Korean TV. Boys Over Flowers and Secret Garden were along the same lines. Also, the actor who portrayed the female lead's dead father in Secret Garden also plays the female lead's dead father in this one. In any case, it's another entertaining show, and it's nice to step outside our geography and take in another culture, and I think it's interesting when a lot of the culture is based on entertainment from here.

I also went to see Warm Bodies last night. Overall, I didn't think they had enough meat for a full movie. It seemed to drag in parts. Still, it's neat to see the kid from About a Boy grown up (well, more than he was, anyway) and acting in other stuff. I'll be going to see him in Jack the Giant Slayer, too.