If I do it they will sit ontop with a 5-3/4"worth of free space (was going to be the height of a bluray case) below the lower midrange. The top and tweeters will be unrestricted.
I do agree with mounting them properly but I really want to find the best position for them before hand. That and we might be moving this year and I'll want to take them with me when we do.
I had one tower already but couldn't find a pair to it. Found these online, sat on the idea for a while and couldn't resist.
I have a 4' doorway with no header between 90° and 110° . These stands will allow me some freedom during the next month or so while we figure it all out.
The spare factory shelf currently sits at about 10° but I had considered finding some black shelving to reach the ideal (in this scenario) angle.
I wasn't sure if it would help or hinder given the 5-3/4" allowance.
Thinking about co-locating my 4 powered Paradigm subs between my LRR and my LR.
A tower of power.