I remember when the PS3 came out and people said "nobody will buy a $600 console" and yet they were priced at $600. I know because 2 days after release, I was at a Best Buy for something else, and there they were. PS3s... For $600...

I didn't watch the announcement and haven't looked into it much since it is still early, but as others mentioned, if the PS3 pre-lauch hype and information is any indicator, then the PS4 won't be that "OMG awesome." It will still sell like nuts just because the world is in this mode of "I must have the latest XYZ product or I am a loser" (Apple is great at tapping into this mentality and making killer profits doing so. Why not Sony or Microsoft, right?)

We have a Wii and Xbox360 at home that see little play time. I spend almost 100% of my gmaing hours on my PC.
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