I know I'm asking lots of questions lately..sorry

This is in regards to buying a new receiver

1) Speaker Crossover Settings, what's best: Global or Independent? I've JUST joined the "new age" of HT about 6 months ago, only reading and scouring the internet, and I'd guess independent would be better?

2) I'm debating hard between a Marantz SR5007 and a Pioneer SC-61...STILL. lol Personally, I'm leaning towards Pioneer's sound. I just like it a bit better. But not a LOT better. I'm a tweaker. I love tweaking settings, so Pioneer's MCACC would be a good fit for someone like me.

But I'm also told you can't EQ/adjust levels of subwoofers with MCACC. The audyssey the Marantz is equipped with does this very well I've read. Is this very important? Is there any way I can do this with the Pioneer(even if I have to buy some other piece of equipment like a SPL meter)?

And which would you pick if it was you and why?

edit: my planned subwoofer is a SVS pb13-ultra which has EQ built in should I need to mess with it. Would I be able to still make it blend nicely without the Pioneer's features?
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