my current system is Epic 80-500-180 with 4311ci receiver.

i recently bought an external amp xpa-3 (emotiva)to power my M80s and VP180 (after discussing with Axiom rep that I should see quite an improvement).

I hooked up the amp and re-run my audyssey 32 setup again. After the set up, the system worked fine, but i was not sure if some of the settings were set correctly.

the setup on my 4311ci confused me a bit.. please help with the following questions

1) do i need to change my receiver to a different mode than NORMAL based on my set up? From the manual, i do not want to select pre-amp mode unless i am using external amp to power ALL of my speakers. Should I choose 11 channel mode instead of NORMAL?

2) i noticed my m80s were set at "LARGE". should it be small instead?

3) Am I doing the set up in the correct sequence? Run audyssey 32 setup first, then manually tweak some of the settings?

Thanks for your help in advance, I am still fairly new in Home theater system.