You know....I have truly enjoyed this thread until recently. As of late, I have come to understand something: No matter what we discuss, no matter what evidence is presented, no matter what is said in the media....there is nothing that is going to change the minds of those who will vote for Kerry based solely upon their hatred for Bush.

PM - I hate to single you out, but you are probably the most outspoken Kerry supporter here. You have not wavered in that support in least. What troubles me is the fact that you maintain that position regardless of what you see or here here from us or the media. When I posted that link w/ Kerry's statements about Iraq....or that link w/ Kerry's hope was that I could at least get you to admit Kerry's shortcomings. You may have done it, but I don't distinctly remember you doing so, which troubles me deeply. I don't expect you to vote for Bush if you are a Bush-hater. However, my hope was that you might finally admit that Kerry is an opportunist politician that forms his beliefs on what is beneficial to him at the moment. If you made that admission to us and then said you still were going to vote for him, I could respect that (to some extent). However, I cannot fathom how you can still continue to sing the praises of this man and denounce all statements against him as partisan.....especially in the face of the vast evidence to the contrary.

Now that I've beat up on PM a bit, I'll admit that I'm getting a bit discouraged about this whole election, because I am beginning to think that the problem that I describe above is widespread. I've been outspoken about my belief that the general public can be summarized as a bunch of selfish sheep being led around by the candidates offering them entitlements and promises to relinquish them of their responsibilites to contribute to society. However, in the back of my mind, I had held out hope that even the brainless drones would have enough sense to smell what kind of crap Kerry has been dishing out to them. As of late, I am beginning to lose faith in even that.

In the end, I continue to get a tinge of nausea when I think about the entire system as a whole. I used to say that we'd never be able to fix it because it was so screwed up. At this juncture, I still believe that it's beyond help. But, I'm now beginning to think that it's beyond repair either because the American public is too ignorant to actually understand the situation or it's just too apathetic and unmotivated to give a damn. It's with that thought that I wonder why I bother to try and fight this fight.'s late, I've had enough beer, and I'm tired. Good Night.